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Indexing web site on Google.
CRR guaranteed Google indexing services can work on any website. The size of the company or how old the website is does not really matter. We can carry out indexing search engine for a brand new website effectively as well. While our indexing process produces results we do not take any shortcuts in terms of just submitting your URL to Google, or by creating ad words or spam. We also do not modify the contents of your website to index it. Our approach to the process is carried out purely from a SEO perspective. Guaranteed Google indexing can be done in various ways. We use best SEO methods that have been tried and tested. In addition to this, we also submit your site to Google for it to be crawled by GoogleBot. Indexing by this method alone cannot be guaranteed and therefore we use a combination of various methods. In addition to all the above mentioned, we also link your website to a relevant website that Google crawls. This way when Google crawls the host site, your site is automatically indexed as well. The last indexing search engine method that we follow is website submissions to open directories like Yahoo etc.

your website indexed on Google?
your website indexed in Google Search engine less than 12 days.
What we don't do for Google Indexing.
We don't spam or try to trick Google (no one can).
We don't modify the content of your site.
We don't submit it to Google's add url page (
What we do is proper SEO of your site, that will get it indexed fast. We have a 96% success rate. We've indexed some brand new sites (2-5 days old) in only seven days.
The only reasons why your site will not get indexed are because the site has been banned by Google or it's in a sandbox.

CRR SEO Team will give you 100% to make sure that your site will indexed in 12 days.

Get Indexed in Google in 10 Days

Price : 25$ or 1500 INR